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*tap tap* is this thing on? BBLJ19 Interest Gauging post


If you didn't know, the last few seasons of Big Brother "LiveJournal" have played out on Facebook due to the overall activity decline on LiveJournal (we SO did not have enough people even sign up to play BBLJ16 here before) and the increase of ORG's on Facebook.

However, there has been a few folks that have requested at least one more game on "our" turf. I have volunteered to put together a game with new challenges, twists and all that jazz on the same caliber of my prior games. (My prior LJ name was omg_its_rob)

This game would be open to all players. Veterans, Facebook transplants wanting to try things out here, and total 100% newbs.

My one request, as always, is that you play as yourself and not as an alias. Additionally if you are coming over from Facebook you will want to make your own LiveJournal account (it's FREE okay) and not just link your Facebook as that might cause issues with possible challenges. Contact me here directly or as "Rob Roberts" on facebook if you have any questions

If you are interested in the game, please leave the following as a comment:

1. Your first name, Last initial
2. A link to a social networking page of yours that is not LiveJournal (Facebook is fine... Twitter or even Myspace for all I care)
3. IF YOU ARE A FORMER LJ GAMER who deleted their livejournal, what was your old LJ name?

That's it. All comments screened. If we have enough players to do a game, I'll contact you all and we'll get started in the coming weeks.

If not.... welp... maybe we'll try again at a later date after a few more Facebook seasons.

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