ROB! (skie) wrote in bigbrother_lj,

State of BBLJ

Is Season 16 still Happening?


What happened to the application deadline of Jan 20th?

I had about half the people I needed so I decided to wait. I also had a few rough weeks around that time so I apologize for my silence. However, things were exciting over at survivorlj so you all were being entertained :P

How many people are you looking to cast?

Well now I can't give away everything. I'll let you know when I have enough.

So I can apply now or get someone else to apply?

Yes, applications are now open ended

If I played before can I play again?

Yes. I'd much rather have some new faces, but I'm happy enough that there's some new players in the apps I've seen already soooo... I'm cool rounding out with some vets especially ones that haven't played in a while.

If I applied before do I need to apply again?

NO. I still have your app on file and I'll be checking in with all of you throughout the upcoming weeks to make sure you are still interested, that the time delay hasn't made you change your mind.

I have another question

Ask in the comments, which are screened to protect potential cast spoilers.

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