goldenhermit (goldenhermit) wrote in bigbrother_lj,

BBLJ5 Applications!!!


Below is the BBLJ5 application. Please fill it all out and then e-mail it to Also, take a minute to go read the rules.

That is the email that will be used to send all things game related to the host. Feel free to send any questions you may have to that email or instant message me using AIM:

Karen: goldenhermit

Because there is a real prize at the end and I am paying it out of pocket…I will be thoroughly looking at these applications and how you answered the question. Leaving a question blank is NOT a good idea!


Name First and Last:



LJ name:

AIM name:

Yahoo! ID:


How many hours a day are you typically online and when?

Are you willing to have all the information above posted online?


Do you already have a strategy? If so, what is it?

Have you played an LJ game before? If so, which ones and how well did you do?

Are you here to win or to make friends?

What is the worst thing you would be willing to do to win?

Are you willing to commit at least three months to this game?

What circumstances (besides family emergency) would you quit the game?

Do you have a digital devices in which to take pictures or video? If not, do you know someone who does that would let you borrow it?


List three to five interesting facts about yourself that people do not know:

CHOOSE ONE (No "both" or "neither." You must pick one.)

LL Cool J or Usher:

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings:

Football (American) or Soccer:

Camping Tent or Camping RV:

Water or Gatorade:

Sleep late or get up early:

Magazines or News Papers:

Rock or Country:

Orange or Apple:

Battlestar or Stargate:




Your best friend comes to you and says that someone told him/her that you had sex with his/her boy/girlfriend. What do you do?


You get home from work and there is a dog on your front porch. You take it to the vets to have it checked out and find out that it is a rare breed worth thousands of dollars. On the drive home you see and “DOG MISSING” poster with a “$100 REWARD” for the dog that is in your backseat. What do you do?


You are doing a special project for your boss at work and were told you had to work with someone else on the project. This person doesn’t seem to like to help much and you are doing the bulk of the work. What do you do?








Music artist:

TV Show:


Article of Clothing:


Anything else I should know?

I also need a picture of you for the banner wall. Please send them in their original size cause I want to edit them myself. Pictures must be in color! You do not have to send in a picture of yourself but DO NOT send in a picture of a celebrity or a cartoon.

Please send your application via e-mail to !

Thank you for applying!!!


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