November 15th, 2006

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BBLJ3 Update

Hey everyone!

I know you're all really excited to get the show on the road. And we will be!!! Applications will be up this afternoon (we're just doing some fine tuning to some of our banners for the fun of it...and because suspense is fun ;) )

So keep an eye out, the application will be up soon!!!
Bonnie and Clyde


Here we go! Under the cut is the application, please fill it all out and then e-mail it to

Oh, and just to clarify, this is the host LJ, and will more than likely be used as the major source of communication. Any questions anyone has about the application or about the game in general, feel free to either e-mail us at or you can ask us via AIM:

Nathan: izzyoisnthe

Dana: kornerpocket07

Ideally, the game will be starting some time after Thanksgiving, so please get those applications in ASAP!!! :)

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