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*tap tap* is this thing on? BBLJ19 Interest Gauging post


If you didn't know, the last few seasons of Big Brother "LiveJournal" have played out on Facebook due to the overall activity decline on LiveJournal (we SO did not have enough people even sign up to play BBLJ16 here before) and the increase of ORG's on Facebook.

However, there has been a few folks that have requested at least one more game on "our" turf. I have volunteered to put together a game with new challenges, twists and all that jazz on the same caliber of my prior games. (My prior LJ name was omg_its_rob)

This game would be open to all players. Veterans, Facebook transplants wanting to try things out here, and total 100% newbs.

My one request, as always, is that you play as yourself and not as an alias. Additionally if you are coming over from Facebook you will want to make your own LiveJournal account (it's FREE okay) and not just link your Facebook as that might cause issues with possible challenges. Contact me here directly or as "Rob Roberts" on facebook if you have any questions

If you are interested in the game, please leave the following as a comment:

1. Your first name, Last initial
2. A link to a social networking page of yours that is not LiveJournal (Facebook is fine... Twitter or even Myspace for all I care)
3. IF YOU ARE A FORMER LJ GAMER who deleted their livejournal, what was your old LJ name?

That's it. All comments screened. If we have enough players to do a game, I'll contact you all and we'll get started in the coming weeks.

If not.... welp... maybe we'll try again at a later date after a few more Facebook seasons.
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State of BBLJ

Is Season 16 still Happening?


What happened to the application deadline of Jan 20th?

I had about half the people I needed so I decided to wait. I also had a few rough weeks around that time so I apologize for my silence. However, things were exciting over at survivorlj so you all were being entertained :P

How many people are you looking to cast?

Well now I can't give away everything. I'll let you know when I have enough.

So I can apply now or get someone else to apply?

Yes, applications are now open ended

If I played before can I play again?

Yes. I'd much rather have some new faces, but I'm happy enough that there's some new players in the apps I've seen already soooo... I'm cool rounding out with some vets especially ones that haven't played in a while.

If I applied before do I need to apply again?

NO. I still have your app on file and I'll be checking in with all of you throughout the upcoming weeks to make sure you are still interested, that the time delay hasn't made you change your mind.

I have another question

Ask in the comments, which are screened to protect potential cast spoilers.

BBLJ15: Season Finale

"Kirsten's a cunt, but then again, so is Robert."

"If it can't be me - I want it to be my biggest rivalry."


"...she played a good, clean, strategic game..."

"Fucking Therese probably bellowed 'NO PUSSY!' if Dallas didn't vote the same as her"

"Robert, I want to make it clear you did not lose my vote."

Collapse )


Kirsten and Robert will have until Monday, Oct 17th @ 8:59pm EDT to finish answering questions.

Kirsten and Robert will then have until Monday, Oct 17th @ 11:59pm EDT to post their Closing Statements.

After that, voting will commence! We're almost done. Are. You. Ready?!
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Robert & Kirsten -

Congratulations on making it to final two.

There have already been a lot of really great questions to you both and it's hard being the last juror to come up with something really great for you both to answer.

I'm going to start this post out with some positives:

To Kirsten: Despite what a lot of people have said, it has become clear to me that you didn't ride the coat tails of other people. Your strategy worked for you and got you to this place (and what a wonderful place it is!). You were dominate in challenges and had enough of a social game to get yourself through each week.

To Robert: Our "rivalry" though the game was fabulous. I had fun trying to get you out and I am amazed that you came back from such odds. You were also dominate in challenges and DID have a great social game. Just because you didn't talk to some people in the game does not mean your social game was shit. You don't need to be BFFs with every. single. person. in a game to get you far. You had a core group of friends and your social game with them was enough to get you to where you are (among other things).

Now on to the questions...

My first question/task:

I want you to put this cast of BB in two lists.

The first list will be how you wanted evictions to go. Assuming it was Kirsten's perfect world and Robert's perfect world. The first person in your list should be who you wanted to see gone first and the last person should be who you wanted sitting in F2 with you.

The second list will be how you assumed evictions would go. That could mean your name would be on the list and two entirely different people would be in F2.

My second question:

I'd like you both to tell us who you think will be voting for you. I'm sure you both think you have some votes "locked" in and I'd like to know who you think they are and why.

Again, congratulations to you both. Although we didn't get along in the game I think you both are great people and never sugarcoated anything in this game. Good luck to you both!