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16 October 2011 @ 03:00 pm

first off, congratulations Kirsten and Robert, for making it this far.

secondly, my question. there have been a lot of questions about the social game, so as much of that aspect as needs to be for me has been pretty much been covered already, or will be once the existing jury questions are all answered. so, what i'm curious about is what each of you think the most crucial competition for you was -- which HoH or PoV win (whether by you or another player) was most crucial for your game.

looking forward to seeing your answers, and good luck!
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15 October 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Obviously a sincere congratulations goes out to the both of you. I know how hard it is to get to the end, esp with your close ally.

There are many elements that go into getting to the end in these games. In my opinion the key elements are
1. Competitions
2. Being social
3. Luck

First, I would like you both to tell me what you feel was the best and worst competition.

Secondly, I feel like you are 2 of the house guests I spoke with least. I don't believe Robert and I ever had a conversation outside of a group chat and Kristen only spoke to me when I had power. So for those reasons I would like you both to tell me 5 things you know about me. None of them can include
a) being a mom
b) being married to Dallas/Josh
c) being friends with Ashley

Lastly, I think we can all agree that luck most certainly is a part of these games! Therefore I would like you both to tell me what you think was the luckiest thing to happen to you this game and in life.Obvs being social is a two way street and with this answer I can learn something new about you :D

No matter the outcome I think you both played a good game in your own way and deserve the utmost respect for sitting here in the end!

15 October 2011 @ 09:09 pm

Congrats again!!! You both rocked it!
15 October 2011 @ 06:00 pm
Hey ya'll!

First, I want to say major congrats to both of you for making it to the F2. In MY opinion, you both played a great game and deserve to win. My vote is completely up for grabs.

On to my question...Collapse )
15 October 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Congrats Robert and Kirsten!

Robert I never talked to you during the game. You were on the villains tribe and we never had any interaction. I have played with you before and I don't think we were very close. Kirsten you were a hero and we did talk quit a few times. You are a really nice person and it was great getting to know you.

My question to Kirsten is when I was voted out did you vote me out and if you did why did you vote me out and if you didn't why did you not vote me out.

My question to Robert is, would you have voted me out and if you say no or yes, why would you make that choice?

Thank you both in advance for your answers and Good Luck to you both!

Donna :)
15 October 2011 @ 05:10 pm
I really don't have any questions, but I do have something to say (shocker).

Cast of Characters
Robert: Honey Badger
Ashley: Cobra
Kirsten: Birds at 1:49
Jenn: Jackal
Victoria: Mouse
Aaron, Dallas, Tom, & Nicolle : Bees

Robert played this game JUST like the Honey Badger; he just didn't give a fuck! He did what was necessary, and some birds and jackals (Kirsten and Jenn) came along for the ride. He was the head of the pack that was responsible for dismantling the conglomerate alliance. (Sidenote: why the fuck would you make an alliance that big?!) Just like the Honey Badger, Robert took bites and stings from all y'all bitches, and STILL made it to the very end. I really didn't see this happening, but I am ecstatic that this was the outcome. I love Kirsten and Jenn a lot, but I can't help but say that they had Robert doing all the dirty work for them and they reaped the rewards. Well, at least Kirsten did.

Y'all are hootin and hollerin over the fact that Robert wasn't social enough. That I wasn't social enough. Listen, bitches, this is just a fucking game. I (and I'm sure Robert) don't really want to sit at a computer all day just so I can chit chat and keekee with y'all about some trivial shit. Everyone else in this game was all fucking hugs and kisses and reach-arounds, and you see where that got you guys. Robert didn't give a fuck and he made it to the final 2. The End.
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15 October 2011 @ 01:15 pm
15 October 2011 @ 01:00 am
First off congrats for making it to the finals.  You two fought hard to get here and should be proud of it.

I want to address me calling you guys flat personalities.  When I made that statement I had been talking to Therese as we wanted to liven up the sequester house as it was dead.   The people outside of the sequester house were not supposed to be able to see that.  I wanted to have something controversial on there.  I kind of was hoping that someone like Austin would post and start a little bit of a war on there for some fun or at least get some chatter going.   This jury house was dead compared to others I have been in.    Do I think you guys are the biggest personalties in the house.  That would be a no.  However I do respect the hardwork you guys put in.  I Just wanted to make that clear. 

I started this game with the intent to use it as a way to come back into ORG's and have some fun.  the first couple of weeks were just that in the game.  However my personal life exploded.  Then add to that a huge thunderstorm that started a fire where the fibre optics and cable all connect for us to get internet and telephone here was destroyed.  Then I come back from that only to have a huge lump appear on my stomach that was extreemly painful and then explode taking part of my stomach with it and hospitalising me for four days.   I come out and was ready to quit.  I was in severe pain and the host was actually going to let me out and then Ashley begged/talked me into staying making it completely about whether Austin came back or was done.  I really wish I had quit at this point and went into the jury like I was offered.  However I didn't and I  tried my best to remain active in this game and be communicatively and did those damn weekend long challenges.   But then you mix in the fact one of my ex friends gets mugged and I'm one of the only people to go and help him out and when things don't add up on his side with the police he tries anything to get out of it including saying I and my other friend watched him get beat up and didn't help him until after it was done.  Or the fact that my best friends now Ex went psycho on her so she sent into hiding and he wanted to come over to my place with a baseball bat to talk.  Well he got to talk with the police.    Fuck and there were other things that happened as well.  It was worse then a soap opera.  And no my life was not like this before this game.  The most dramatic thing that happened before this game was getting dumped.  Anyways I was dealing with all that during this game.  It's why I blew up on Austin when Im normally someone who takes things as they come.  I'm not proud of that but it is what it is.  I'm not proud of the game I played and I even said that in the round I was voted out that I wish someone would just put me out of my misery gamewise.  However saying that I still gave this game the all that I could. 

That whole last paragraph was more for my benefit then yours I guess final two.  However I do want to focus on you two.   Robert I think you played an amazing game.  You were an underdog and a target this whole game.  Yes you got voted out but you overcame two of the biggest challenges threats to get back in.   I don't know you that well and I'm going to say point blank it's a two way street cause even at the begginning of this game when I was super social we did not connect.  We both tried but it clearly was something where are personalities didn't allow it.   I want you to know I respect your game and what you've been able to do though.    My vote is completely up in the air and will depend on how you answer my question and others.

Kirsten,  you are a sweetheart this game.  I thought that at the very beginning and they way you are answering these questions makes me aware of that again.  I hope you keep that personaltiy and protect it.  As in so many cases in these games people start out like this and then lose it due to being backstabbed or other drama in games.  I used to be that way but completely lost it and so I can only hope you don't go down that road.   I wish you had used the video more often in the game though cause it completely shows off the fact that you are so kind.  I'm sorry I called you bland as you clearly are not.  You are strictly a nice person and in some ways because we can only rely on messaging it gets lost in translation.   As I said my vote is completely up in the air and good luck.

Now for the question.  This game in a big way was more about personalties and how they meshed or did not mesh.  Whol liked who and who hated who and how you could use who to get one over on who.   I hope that line made sense anyways.  


That site tells you about colour personalties and what they represent.  If you want to find something more detailed be my guest.

I'm hoping you will take these colours and apply them to the jury.  Put a colour to each member of the jury and see if you can use two examples from the game to show why they are this colour. 

Good luck and may the best colour co-ordinator win ;)
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15 October 2011 @ 11:56 am
To be honest, I kinda dropped out after I got booted. Nothing personal, but life and work got very busy. I think being voted off was a blessing in disguise!

First, Congrats to you both. I did not expect either of you to be here, but here you are, and I congratulate you. 

Anyhow, now to the question. 

If the grand scheme of the game, Tell me... What social moves did you make to get here. You know that I am a social animal in these games, and both of you seemed less social when I was in the game. I would like to know how you dominated the game in a social aspect. I don't care if you made friends or enemies... I am interested in how your interactions in the game (positive of negative) were apart of your strategy, and how you used the social game that is Big Brother to your advantage. That is what interests me most. 

Oh yeah, and berating me (or any of the posters) is a no no in my book. 

14 October 2011 @ 02:48 pm
Ok well without saying, "I am voting for so and so" I want you to know you both kicked ass! I thought I would have made it a lot farther than I did but this game is crazy hard and I applaud both of you for doing as well as you have. My question is a two parter.
The first part goes to Kirsten - You made it to the final two but to get here you rode Robert's coat tails. He did all of the dirty work (scheming and back stabbing) as far as I saw, so why do you think you deserve to win over him?
Part two is for Robert - Like I said above you were a backstabbing manipulative bitch so why should I vote for you to win?
I want you two and everyone else we played with to know I think the world of you all regardless of how anyone played or how they acted during the game. I look forward to getting to know you all IRL if I ever get some real free time to chat lol.
Good luck to both of you.
Josh aka Dallas